The US Operations Base is located on the premises of the Official Academy which is known for providing the highest level of training available in the State of Florida and is responsible for training of police officers from various departments and government agencies and their employees.

LAKE TECHICAL COLLEGE – INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC SAFETY is located approximately 1 hour north of Orlando / Florida. Its facilities are considered very good to the American standards:

  • Indoor Shooting House;
  • Obstacle course;
  • Rapel tower, with several types of windows and balconies, allowing various exercises;
  • Several vehicles for tactical training;
  • Various firing ranges (pistol, assault rifle, 12 gauge, submachine gun, sniper rifle, etc.);
  • Comfortable and air-conditioned classrooms;
  • Canteen and parking;
  • Combat Training Center;
  • Virtual shooting simulator;
  • Last generation armament (Glock pistols, M4 rifles, HK G3 submachine guns, Sniper rifles, Barret .50, suppressors, etc.);
  • Airsoft guns;
  • Simulation and Scenarios.