USPIT – US POLICE INSTRUCTOR TEAMS established its organization in 1996 with the vision of providing quality training in the area of public safety to the various police departments of the Friendly Nations. Charles Saba, Founder of U.S. Police Instructor Teams, sought the best professional instructors in the American and Brazilian police, and created premier training programs in a variety of disciplines, including law enforcement, judicial protection, private security, crime scene investigations, and executive protection.

Over the years, it expanded its operations around the world, giving greater emphasis to the Brazilian market. The strategic decision to be in Brazil was the first partnership outside the US after 17 years of consolidation. Under the command of its Founder Charles Saba, USPIT has instated a solid foundation with strong ideals. In order to  always be on the so-called Blue Line, the Blue Line, that all US Elite Units use and which represents Force, Honor, Loyalty, Honesty, Civic Duty and Frontier between society and marginality and victory of Good over Evil. It has consolidated itself with brilliant performances in the most varied governmental agencies and elite groups worldwide and also in the United Nations-Organization.