International Cooperation

From 2016, the American Company US Police Instructor Teams – US PIT has joined the Brazilian Latin America College (Faculdade América Latina – FAL), in INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION, gathering efforts to promote the information and experiences exchange between security experts. It has made it possible to enrich the curriculum of the courses and the acknowledgement of the certifications in both countries, as well as the possibility to access resources and knowledge from different realities. This allows a broad and globalized view of different performance models and many different procedures, breaking the studies limitation from the reality of the original country,  providing an important opportunity of improvement for clients and students.


This successful INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION makes the Latin America College (Faculdade América Latina – FAL), from 2017 on, a share of US Police Instuctor Teams, becoming an exclusive branch of the American company in Brazil.

Besides the knowledge and benefits for students and clients, the INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION between these two companies also helps the relationship between the two countries, generating opportunities, partnerships, jobs and mutual benefits.